Girl child not expected

What happens when it is being planned hoping to have a male child and instead of that a girl child takes birth. Hmm sound disappointing for the parents, poor parents increased there responsibilities just for the sake a male child.

This Indian mentality of male child being superior one and would increase there clan for ages is just sick. The wholesale breadwinner of family or take care of the parents in old age. I am still confused where the girls are at fault , don’t they can do the same things.

This all mindset was as well followed in the Nayyar family when Nima was born the last hope of male child for Mr sudershan. When Nima was born they have certain kind of disappointment on the parents faces.

Well Nima was born now though not at all neglected by parents inspite of being a girl,they love her as much as every other two children. Nima was a beautiful kid with a pretty face , adored by both her sister. She was as adamant and rigid from childhood a true youngest sibling .

Nima was not like both the sisters but an like and dislike of her own. A good student in studies but well aware of what she wants to become in life or what she wants in life. when she selected journalism as her carreer option despite of so much pressure from parents as expected by people who knew her well.

They were three sisters with three different opinion, choices, likes,dislikes etc having a set choice of carreer. Three girls with distinctive birth signs Capricorn, Saggitarius, Taurus having a different stories to be unfold in the near future.


The Pampered one

When sometime people talks about the middle child nobody told you that they are the most Pampered kid in the house. everybody says ohh they get most negligence from the parents that’s not at all true. In case of Soma the scenario was that her sister Rama would get all the attention and empathy in the family.

Now you all ask why hmm for that empathy you need to be lazy and thin. So that Parents would think that you are so weak, that’s why they shouldn’t be scolded like the elder ones. Caring should be much more than the other children’s. So when Rama was having this much attention she utilizes in her own favour.

Many time her older sister Soma thought that why she is only called to learn everything related to homemaking apart from studies. Rama has the privilege of the most beloved child or may be most Pampered one.

Like her sister Soma she was not at all focussed on what she want to become in life. When Rama was about to passed her School everyone in the family asked her career preference but she was clueless or may be she never given a thought about it.

Finally after her father Mr Nayyar interference she got admissions in dentistry. But in the coming years to come the fate will tell ,Is she really had interest in dentistry. Soon She started going to her dentistry college and would eventually discover her true passion.

True passion should be soon discovered.

3 Sisters

Sisters hmm girls gang sound fun, giggles, gossip, sharing, cat fights and lot more. A bonding for lifetime different from having a male as sibling. But through the lens of our patriarchal society a responsibility. A living robot to be controlled by there actions. That doesn’t sound fun at all , It felt like chains around the whole soul.Think Girls acting like boys or acting freely it seems would termed as rebellious or Revolutionary of society by Men and women. Women are no Different in judging there own race. ( Not taking about each and every Men and Women). What is that so different in living with no boundaries? Girls are Human beings I guess.

Soma the Eldest Sister was very strong willed girls, Sometime rigid or you can call it rebellious . The mind of your own is not an issue I think was an attitude of Soma. When She was in high school her parents want her to become a doctor or Engineer as typical as Parents are in our Society. When she announced that she wants to become a fashion designer , It was like atom bomb on her Parents. What type of profession it is uh fashion designing Thought her parents. But Soma was Adamant to Pursue dream of Fashion designing.

Though her Parents had put there best efforts to deviate her from Fashion to medical by Brain washing or Taking her through all entrance exam of medical and Engineering. Some how she crosses all hurdles and taken entrances of fashion designing as well. Numerous number of time Parents , relatives , neighbors and many talked about how fashion Designing is much lower as compared to medical. Convincing her parents end number of times resulted in a fruitful favor that Soma was allowed to do Fashion designing . Soma was good in arts, creative thinking and had good hand which helped in clearing all design entrance test and taken admission in a good govt college. Government college is always important aspect of a a Govt employee Household. So many things to catch….. One more aspect of a eldest Child for which could she would be blamed teaching non obedience to younger ones.

Finally first hurdle of her life is crossed by a adamant attitude hmm Soma thought.

Eldest Child

Life of a eldest Child is always on the line of scrutiny it was no different for soma. Soma the first child of nayyar family or we can called as first daughter of this family. Emphasizing on the word Daughter may seem different now but as story goes on that would be much clear. So Talking about Nayyar family, Head of the family Mr. Sudershan Nayyar , Engineer by profession working in a govt office. Mr. Sudershan was very well behaved ethics based person. A poker straight nature with no nonsense talk type. The second Person of house Mrs. Nisha nayyar , homemaker and smart lady.

This Nayyar family also had other three members children’s of Nayyar family from which the eldest is one we are talking about Soma nayyar. The eldest daughter of the family and the first child but here I wont say that she was the apple of there eyes. But ya she was loved by her parents. Love the name comes with lots of responsibility and being eldest attaches the maturity like a leech to the skin of the eldest one from childhood. I do not understood why elder Sibling become the benchmark for behavior of younger ones . if younger are not behaving properly, then elders have taught them to do that or elders have not behaved properly in the past which younger ones have learned over a period of time.

Soma was no exception of this expectation from her parents. After five years when her sister was born the first words which came through her mother was behave like elder sister from now on meaning responsibility on small shoulders of a five year old kid. As they grew up together soma always play the role of elder sister very well meanwhile there was a second addition of a sibling sister in soma’s account.Now there are three sisters Soma the eldest , Rama the middle one and nima the youngest one. There were 3 Daughters ( Referring to first Paragraph) in the house shattering all dreams of there parents to have a male child in the third attempt.

3 Girls in the house and responsible behavior are directly proportional to each other by our society.

Life like Yesterday

What I want to write but do not know how to describe it. A Memory about past , a feeling about today or an anxiety about future ended up in a box of my thoughts.

My first blog … a story to write

Sometime a mind boggling thought provoke you to write about everything you see, hear , observe,analyse and listen. As an Human thinking and thoughts are simultaneous Process which is never ending.

Title of my first story : Eldest child